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Revocable Trusts Can Be Adjusted As Your Needs RequireRevocable Trusts Can Be
Adjusted As Your Needs Require
Revocable Trusts are Trusts that can be changed or even revoked by the person who creates the trust.

Living trusts

Revocable trusts are also known as “living trusts.”  One of the main advantages is that property can be changed and the trust can be restricted to best serve the needs of the person who set up the trust.

Revocable trusts are kept private

Another advantage is privacy.  When you die, the trust can be used to pass your property to heirs without going through probate.  Since probate is filed in court, it becomes public knowledge for anyone to see.

While a living trust does keep the property out of probate, it doesn’t protect the money from being included in inheritance taxes.

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