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Asset Protection Trusts Can Help You Save On Taxes If They Are Set Up CorrectlyAsset Protection Trusts Can Help You
Save On Taxes If They Are Set Up Correctly
Federal taxes can eat up a significant portion of the value of your estate over $1,000,000 when it goes through probate.  Even a moderately-sized estate can easily exceed the million dollar mark once a home, life insurance and vehicles are added in.

The state will also take a share for taxes and there are a number of fees and administrative costs that can send the cost of probate soaring into the sky.  Beyond that, probate can take anywhere from 6 months to several years if your will is challenged.

Trusts are generally exempt from probate
and may help you lessen or avoid taxes

This is why so many people take advantage of Trusts:  trusts generally do not go through the probate process and usually won’t count toward the million dollar estate value mark that triggers federal taxes.

Another trust advantage: privacy

Probate proceedings go into the public records.  That means details of your private financial affairs will be published in the public records and will be available for anyone to read.  Since a properly designed trust does not go through probate, you can keep your personal affairs private.

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