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Understanding The Steps To Probate Estate In ArizonaUnderstanding The Steps To
Probate Estate In Arizona
Probate is simply the method that court system uses to distribute property after a person dies.  It's easier to understand if you know the 4 steps to the process.

The 4 major steps of the Arizona probate estate process:

  1. Petitioning the court to open the estate
  2. Filing necessary notices for creditors and others who might have an interest in the estate
  3. Paying debt and distributing the remaining estate
  4. Closing the estate

Of course, each step has a number of legal details meant to make sure everything is done correctly.  Taxes and reporting are a big issue.  Advertising for creditors must follow precise guidelines.  The presence or absence of a will brings about other steps to take.

The probate estate process can take months to complete

Having an experienced probate attorney on your side can make the process much easier and can shave months off an already long process.

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