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Executor Duties Include Making Sure The Will's Provisions Are Carried OutExecutor Duties Include Making Sure
The Will's Provisions Are Carried Out
When you create a will as part of your Arizona estate planning, you will name an “Executor.” The executor’s job is to handle the details laid out by the deceased and to be sure their wishes are followed.

Getting help from Arizona probate attorneys

If you’re named as the executor of a will, you’ll likely need  help from Arizona Probate Attorneys like Brian Utsey.  Because an estate executor can be held legally liable for mismanaging the estate, it’s typical for an executor who is not an attorney to hire one to help with the myriad of details involved in the probate process.  Probate Attorneys fees are charged to the estate.

It can be a complicated process

You can expect it to take six months to complete a simple probate case.  If the estate is complicated or challenged, it could take years to complete. The Law Office of Brian Utsey can help you through the often complicated process of getting the estate into probate, discovering the assets and debts, paying taxes and paying claims against the estate, distributing the proceeds, and closing the estate.

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Arizona Probate Estate Attorney Brian Utsey will come to you to begin the probate estate process.  Call today at 480-538-5024.

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