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Asset Preservation is the Goal of Estate Planning. Call Attorney Brian Utsey.Asset Preservation is the Goal of Estate
Planning. Call Attorney Brian Utsey.
Asset preservation is at the heart of all work done by Arizona estate planning attorney Brian Utsey.  He knows that you want to pass along your estate as completely as possible to the people and causes you feel deserve it.

A variety of asset preservation tools

Arizona law provides for a number of ways to accomplish asset preservation as you pass your property to your heirs.  Wills, Revocable Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, Gifts, and Life Estates are just some of the many ways that asset preservation can be accomplished.

Asset preservation is an important part of Estate Planning

You don’t have to be extremely wealthy to take advantage of many asset preservation tools.  Federal and state probate taxes can take a sizeable chunk of even moderate-sized estates.

Arizona Estate Planning Attorney Brian Utsey will refer
you to the right qualifed experts for your situation

The Law Office of Brian Utsey has relationships with a number of wealth consultants ready to help with your asset preservation.  From Certified Public Accountants, to Investment Executives and Insurance Advisors, we have experts that we can refer you to for help with your specialized need.  The goal is always to help you protect your estate and make sure you’re able to pass on as much as possible to the heirs you decided on.

Asset preservation attorney Brian Utsey
offers a free one-hour initial consultation

Arizona Estate Planning Attorney Brian Utsey comes to you to plan your estate and doesn’t charge for an initial consultation. Call today at 480-538-5024.

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