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Attorney Brian Utsey Can Make Drafting A Simple Will Very AffordableAttorney Brian Utsey Can Make Drafting
A Simple Will Very Affordable
Most people first talk to an Arizona Estate Planning Attorney like Brian Utsey when they decide its time for a simple will - a Last Will and Testament.

Why you need a simple Will

A simple will is used to designate who will get your property when you die, and to provide for the care of your minor children.  If you die without a will, your property will simply be divided up among your spouse, children or grandchildren, and parents or grandparents.  If none of them can be found, your property will go to the State of Arizona.

A simple Will is a good start

There’s more to estate planning than just a simple will, but a simple will is a good start.  By consulting with Brian Utsey, an Arizona estate planning attorney, you’ll learn if you should take further steps to protect your property and heirs.  He’ll explain these further options, which might include a Living Will, granting Powers of Attorney for various reasons, and setting up various Trusts.

A simple Will isn’t very expensive

The cost of setting up a simple will isn’t very expensive, but it all depends on your particular situation.  If your property is essentially limited to a home owned with your spouse and to children of that marriage, your simple will could cost as little as $250.

Your initial one-hour consultation
concerning your simple Will is free.

Arizona Estate Planning Attorney Brian Utsey is available to help you start or modify your simple will.  He can help you decide which options are right for you at this point in your life.

Call Arizona simple will attorney Brian Utsey.  He’ll come to you to begin the process of creating or modifying your simple will.  Call today at 480-538-5024.

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