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a-restraining-order-can-help-diffuse-a-bad-situation-attorney-brian-utsey-can-helpA Restraining Order Won't Stop An Attacker
Get Safe First, Then Call Attorney Brian Utsey
The emotional roller coaster that leads to divorce can often involve violence or fear of violence.  If you are in a situation that you think could turn violent, Arizona divorce lawyer Brian Utsey recommends you get out immediately and, once you and your children and safe, call him for help in getting an immediate restraining order.

A restraining order allows both sides to cool off

The enforced separation that a restraining order creates will allow both sides to cool off and calm down.  More importantly, it can remove children from a hazardous situation.

Hiring an Arizona divorce lawyer at this point in time will help keep the situation defused since the attorney can become the calm go-between who negotiates the difficult questions of separation, property, child custody, and support without the personal animosity that has already developed. This means that you no longer will need to deal face-to-face with an abusive spouse.

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