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Attorney Brian Utsey Can Help You Maneuver The Divorce ProcessAttorney Brian Utsey Can Help You
Maneuver The Arizona Divorce Process
In Arizona, the process for getting a divorce can be fairly simple and can take anywhere from 120 days to several years, depending on the particular issues involved.   Arizona divorce attorney Brian Utsey can help make the process as easy as possible by handling all the legal documents and explaining all your options.

There are just a few simple steps:

  1. One party files a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.  This is the formal request for a divorce.  The actual paperwork generally contains from 5-8 documents that include the particulars that the party asking for the divorce would like to have occur.  They involve details of distribution of property, responsibility for debts, how child custody and support should be handled, and spousal maintenance (alimony) details. These documents are filed and then delivered to the other party.
  2. A 120 day waiting period begins when the second party receives the paperwork.
  3. During the waiting period, both parties usually negotiate the conditions with the assistance of a family law lawyer.
  4. If both sides come to an agreement, a Stipulated Consent Decree agreement can be filed without going to court.
  5. If they do not agree, the second party files a formal response asking the court to decide the issues they could not agree upon.
  6. A judge then rules on the specifics and the divorce is granted.

Of course, there may be any number of issues that can delay a divorce.

Complex property issues, disagreement over child custody and parenting issues are the main causes of delay.  Having a good Arizona divorce attorney like Brian Utsey, means you'll have help in negotiating the solutions to those disagreements before going before the judge.  The judge can send the parties to a number of court programs to help settle property issues or parenting disagreements.  None of these programs are free and you may not have the advantage of having your own lawyer to help negotiate a favorable outcome.

If either party is suspected of hiding some assets, the court can direct the parties to disclose complete details of assets that may have been hidden during the marriage.  This is another area where Brian Utsey, an experienced arizona divorce attorney, can be beneficial.

If you have any questions about the Arizona divorce process, call the Law Office of Brian Utsey for a free one-hour initial consultation.  Call 480-538-5024.

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