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What Could Go Wrong With a $300 Divorce? Lots Of Things - And There Are No Do-Overs In Divorce CourtWhat Could Go Wrong With a $300 Divorce? Lots Of
Things - And There Are No Do-Overs In Divorce Court
You see signs on street corners and ads on the TV advertising a $300 Arizona divorce.

How does that work?

These low cost divorces don't involve a lawyer.  Instead you go to a " Legal Document Preparer" who is licensed to fillout the right paperwork in the proper way. 

Should you go this route?

Legal Document Preparers have taken a course and passed an exam that lets them help you fill out the "do-it-yourself" divorce forms. They can answer simple questions about the forms.  They cannot, however, give you legal advice. 

It's much like going to a tax preparer versus going to a certified public accountant to do your taxes.

If you have an uncontested divorce, with little or no property and no children, then this might be the way to go.  But if you have property to divide, children to protect, or if there are any situations where you cannot agree, you might discover that hiring an Arizona divorce lawyer like Brian Utsey is a good move.

Get a FREE one-hour consultation and find out.

Why not ask Brian Utsey.  Your first consultation is free.  Brian will come to you, answer your questions, and give you straight advice about whether you should use a document preparer or if you need a lawyer.  It's worth a call.  Brian's number is 480-538-5024.

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