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Focused on Family Law, Divorce, Wills & Probate

Arizona Attorney Brian Utsey Can Help You With Family Law, Divorce, Wills & ProbatePhoenix Family Law Attorney Brian Utsey Can
Help You With Family Law, Divorce, Wills & Probate
For most people, the prospect of hiring an attorney isn’t usually a happy one.  Most law offices are designed to be intimidating: a large wall of important looking legal books and a huge, overpowering desk between you and the lawyer.  The lawyer's chair is higher than the visitor’s chair, which magnifies the power position of the lawyer.   It’s just not something most people look forward to.

Phoenix Family Law Attorney
Brian Utsey understands

He’s not into that whole power trip.  In fact, he’ll suggest you meet at a convenient location, like a corner coffee shop, where you can relax and talk about your case without intimidation.

And he’s flexible as far as scheduling goes, too.  If you can’t get out of work during the day, he’ll meet you after work, or come to a close-by location where you can take your lunch break.

As a family law attorney, Brian Utsey has chosen to limit his practice to Family Law, Estate Planning, Probate, and Indian Law.

Brian also offers a free one-hour initial consultation.  If you don’t know if you really need a lawyer, or if Brian Utsey would be the right lawyer, just give him a no-obligation call.  His number is 480-538-5024.

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